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ICPP2018 Program (Draft, v3.1)

DATE:Oct 24-26, 2018

ADDRESS:The Lecture Hall of the School of Transportation Engineering, Tongji University.

Expression of Interest:

Conference Agenda


Wednesday, 24 October, 2018


Registration and Project Meeting


Thursday, 25 October, 2018

会议开幕Opening Session

主题演讲 Keynote Speeches

邀请报告 Invited Speeches

晚宴 Banquet


Friday, 26 October, 2018

主题演讲 Keynote Speeches

邀请报告 Invited Speeches

会议闭幕Closing Session

Conference Program (Provisional): Downloadhere.


John Harvey,University of California, Davis,Professor

Masoud Kayhanian, University of California, Davis,Professor

Zhongren WangCALTRANS, Department of Pavement management, Director

Sandra Erkens,TU Delft,Professor/Director

Tom Scarpas,TU Delft,Professor/Chair;Professor and Chair,Khalifa University, UAE

Dawei Wang, Aachen University,Professor

Guoyang Lu,Aachen University, PhD students

Stefan Alber, University of Stuttgart, Senior Engineer

Speaker in China:

Lijun SunTongji University,Professor

Aimin ShaChang’an University,Professor

Wu CheBeijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Professor

Bingzhang LinNanjing University of Information Science & Technology, Professor

Yigang XuChina design group Co,.Ltd. Vice-President

Wenzhong ZhaoHebei Qu Kong Expressway Development Co., Ltd. Division Chief

ChaozhangHebei Qu Kong Expressway Development Co., Ltd. Director

Yang LiuChina Eco-city Academy Co., Ltd. Assistant president

Tinggang LiZhongtian Road-Tech Co., Ltd. Chairman

Haiyan ZhangMinistry of Transport,Associate researcher

Chunxiang QianSoutheast University. Professor

Qunle DuHebei communications investment group expressway operation department, Director

Wei FengTransport department in Guizhou, China. Deputy Director

Hui LiPlanning bureau in Hezhou, Guangxi, China. Deputy director general

Jian HeSuzhou Xiangcheng Ecological construction Co., Ltd. Chairman

Guibo GaoChina Academy of Building Research, Director

Naitai WangDongZe Water management Co., Ltd. Technical Director

Yuhua XiongTouze Environment Technique, Shanghai, China. General manager

Weining ZhangMunicipal engineering design institute in Changchun, China. Dean

Xiaoguang ZhengShanghai Municipal engineering design institute. Professor level senior engineer

Xiaoming Huang. Southeast University. Professor

Yiqiu TanHarbin Institute of Technology. Professor

Yanwei LiTransportation planning and design institute,Professor level senior engineer

Feipeng XiaoTongji University. Professor

Daquan SunTongji University. Professor

Weidong HuangTongji University. Professor

Jianzhuang XiaoTongji University. Professor

Zhiyi HuangZhejiang University. Professor

Tianqing LingChongqing Jiaotong University. Professor

Hui LiTongji University. Professor

  • More domestic and foreign guests are invited and confirmed. The program in detail will be updated later.


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