Key project start meeting of Sponge city pavement and the first Permeable pavement seminar was held


On Feb.23th, the "low impact development sponge city pavement pavement key technology research and application" national key research and development project launch and the first pervasive pavement technology seminar was held in Tongji University of Jiading campus. This reserch project was led by Professor LiHui.The meeting attracted more than 60 experts, scholars and engineering staff from more than 20 well-known universities, research institutes, enterprises and road construction management units in China. Prof. Lu Jian and Prof. Sun Lijun, Dean of the School of Transportation Engineering, attended the meeting anddelivered speeches.The meeting was chaired by Professor Li Hui. The atmosphere was warm and the guests were actively involved in the discussion, offer suggestions and suggestions for the smooth development of the project and sponge city pavement technology exchange has laid a good foundation.

Professor Li Hui first introduced the project to the Ministry of Science and Technologyfrom the sponge city construction concept, the current policy, the main research content of the project, technology status, project prospects and other aspects of a detailed and detailed description; and the project organization, And the progress of the plan and the production and research with international cooperation and other aspects of the project with the main staff involved and participants to discuss the matter. The meeting discussed the implementation plan and implementation plan of the project, and reached a consensus on the recent work, and as a opportunity to establish a good mechanism for communication and cooperation.

The venue of the academic atmosphere is strong, after the meeting, guests have expressed they get great benefit. Finally, the meeting ended in a warm academic exchange atmosphere.